Print held the "New Names in Fashion" competition for the 14th time.

Annually opens the world to young designers who are becoming the nuclear engines of Russian fashion. And traditionally, the creators are honored with a grand show - in 2021 it became a joint project with the Stieglitz Academy. Ten finalists (readers' and jury's choice) presented their collections in the 145-year-old atrium of the legendary Stieglitz Academy. The ceremonial interiors, which inspired the student Petrov-Vodkin, saw not a single ambitious talent, so the participants of the fashion show had to be doubly worried. Or even triple, because the show was directed by the keeper of the genre - creative producer and director Sergei Lukovsky.

The show was "made" by both professional models and guest stars: designer Roma Uvarov at SLV, blogger Vika Portfolio at Rishi, IOWA soloist Katya Ivanchikova at "Does silk have a soul?! ...", art critic Evgenia Serousova at Couer 1989, junior administrator of the telegram channel Goldenchihuahua Liza Serpova in Et Moi, singer Augustine in Abzaeva, old-fashioned model Valentina Yasen in No Man and photographers Liza and Ivan Troyanovskiy in Mutabor.

For the first time in the history of the competition, a Circular Fashion nomination was added to find the best young brands demonstrating a sustainable approach to their apparel production. A collection of the ‘Rishi @ brand, winner of the special nomination "Circular Fashion", was presented as part of the show. The collection was presented by TikTok blogger @victoriaportfolio No. 1 in Russia in the auto category.

We would like to thank the jury members of the special nomination "Circular Fashion" and the guests of the Event for their participation:

The nomination was created with the support of the LALAPETE project (funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland within the framework of the Russia-South-East Finland Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020).

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